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It was our original intention to start the DESIGN SQUAD GLOBAL program the week of September 7th, but it seems as if many sites will appreciate an extra week to get started.

Therefore the new program dates are from the week starting the 14th of September 2015 to the week ending the 22nd of November. If you happen to start before the 14th September this is absolutely fine, but we do ask that you finish by the 22nd of November at the latest. What is most important is that each site remains in sync with its partner site in terms of implementing the 10 week program. 

Over the course of 10 weeks, fourteen sites (7 in the US and 7 in Southern Africa) will collaborate together to solve real-world engineering problems and increase their cross-cultural understanding, culminating in a grand reveal and party at each site during the week of November 16th. 

The general programme will run as follows:



Document Work

Partner Exchange

Focus Group Discussion

Check-in Call


14 - 18 Sept

Paper Structure


21 – 25 Sept

Helping Hand


28 Sept – 2 Oct

Build a Prototype

✓ (with FGD feedback)


5 – 9 Oct

Emergency Shelter


12 – 16 Oct

Brainstorm and Design

✓ (with FGD feedback)


19 – 23 Oct

Present Designs


26 – 30 Oct

Peer Review

✓ (with FGD feedback)


2 – 6 Nov

Review Recommendations, Redesign, and Build


9 – 13 Nov

Present Final Products

✓ (with FGD feedback)


16 – 20 Nov

Share Solutions

The second round of the programme, also 10 weeks long, will start during February 2016.

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