About Design Squad Global

Design Squad Global (DSG) is about empowering young children from around the world to collaborate on solving real-world engineering problems and to increase their cross-cultural understanding. Through DSG, youth work together on hands-on activities, learn teamwork and creative problem-solving and discover how to use the engineering design process to express and develop their ideas.

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The history of DSG

Design Squad Global builds on a well honed model for engineering education, the highly successful and award winning PBS project for middle schoolers, Design Squad Nation. Full length and short videos, combined with an interactive website and hands on engineering activities, have made Design Squad a leader in the field in the US for more than 8 years. Design Squad Global takes this reputation to the world.

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The Design Squad Global Community of Practice

This website is a community of practice for educators facilitating DSG with their children. It is a place where educators can share what is happening at their sites. It allows them to learn from each other and exchange practical ideas and practices on how best to facilitate DSG to help kids develop their engineering, problem solving and global competency skills.

This is also a place where educators can pose and discuss questions with the whole DSG community and access many excellent resources to make the DSG experience more powerful and effective.